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    Date:2017年5月11日 17:17

    Date: May 24-26, 2017

    Location: Beijing Exhibition Center,  China

    Booth No. 7026 in hall No.7

    Exhibit:  power steering gear, bevel box

    Website  http://www.bustruckexpo.com/


    The Beijing Exhibition Center shall play host to the 2017 China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components (hereinafter referred to as "Bus & Truck Expo 2017") from May 24 to 26 of 2017. Covering an area of around 40,000 square meters, the exhibition shall be jointly organized by the China Academy of Transportation Sciences, MOT, China Highway & Transportation Society, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-Council and CATS Huayunzhan Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


    Jiangmen Xingjiang Steering Gear Co., Ltd.  has a long history in supplying to bus manufacturers such as YUTONG , KINGLONG , GOLDEN DRAGON,  HIGER, BYD, FOTON, CRRC, SKYWELL, YAXING, YINLONG and so on. We hope to provide best service to more bus manufacturers. Xingjiang company’s exhibits are Bevel box, RCB ZJ120C and ZJ100D which can be employed universally with 8098 and 8095.


    Description of bevel box

    ØAluminum alloy housing, light weight, high intensity,

    Øintegral spiral bevel gear shaft, reliable transmission and safe,

    Øspiral bevel gear, stable and smooth transmission,

    Øframework oil seals, maintenance free,

    Øable to work in low temperature and severe environment,


    Review of 2016 Exhibition

    Covering a floor space of over 30,000 square meters, an increase of 15% that of the previous exhibition, Bus & Truck Expo 2016 provided a comprehensive display of the latest technologies and products within the bus industry, including the entire industrial chain. Roughly 150 bus and component enterprises were in attendance, with Yutong Bus, Higer, King Long, Golden Dragon, ZhongTong Bus, Foton AUV, Ankai Bus, Nanjing Jinlong, BYD, Yinlong, AVIC, YC Diesel, AUTOL Technology, ACTIA and Giti presiding among many other famous enterprises of the industry as they exhibited their most competitive products. The exhibition's overwhelming influence was unprecedented and created a fabulous sensation, with over 10,000 professionals from road transport management institutions as well as enterprises of such areas as road passenger transportation, urban public transportation, tourist transportation and bus rental making an appearance to the exhibition. Meanwhile, over 500 international visitors and purchasers from more than ten countries and regions who had signed up online also made their presence on the event.


    The exhibition was certainly one of its kind, with a total of 70 finished vehicles (including approximately 50 brand-new ones) shown at the event. Yutong Bus's hydrogen cell technology, King Long's all-aluminum lightweight body, Yangtse Bus's total solution for pure electric urban transportation and Yinlong's lithium titanate battery were just some of the focuses of the widespread attention of professional clients, playing a pivotal role in leading the innovative development of the realm. During the event, exhibitors also organized more than ten new product and technology-related news conferences along with colorful activities, which reached a number higher than those of any previous show.

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